What to Look for When Choosing a HR Payroll Service Provider


November 9, 2023

Top payroll outsourcing companies in Singapore can help optimise cost-savings in your company by processing your employee payrolls, filing payroll taxes, and generating payroll tax statements for an affordable fee. 

In our previous piece, we discussed the advantages of payroll outsourcing vs managing payroll in-house in Singapore. However, many may find themselves a little lost as to how they can pick the right payroll services for their company and which payroll service provider they should engage. That is why our team at Liberte has put together this article, to discuss what you should be looking out for when choosing a HR payroll service provider in Singapore:

Capacity for Integration

Most companies have already made previous business investments into general ledger software or point-of-sale systems. To not lose out on the benefits made accessible via these investments, businesses in Singapore that are looking to engage in payroll outsourcing must pick HR payroll service providers that offer outsourced payroll solutions with a capacity for integration. This effectively facilitates accurate and up-to-date data across each individual system, while also eliminating duplicate data entry, reducing paperwork, and enabling point-in-time reporting. 

You also want to find outsourced payroll solutions that can integrate your unique employee benefits offerings into the software and workflow.

Self-Service Options

To further save on time and costs, make sure the HR payroll service provider you engage offers an outsourced payroll solution that includes employee self-service options that allow for your workers to log in on their own and access their digital payrolls as well as tax forms whenever required. 

Tax Compliance Management

Payroll tax compliance standards are always changing. Multinational corporations who partner with HR payroll service providers that do not keep up with ever-changing tax regulations across different geographical locations can end up losing money instead of saving it. Make sure to find outsourced payroll services in Singapore that invest in familiarisation with updated tax regulations across the world to ensure that all your payroll reporting and submissions are compliant with the relevant rules and regulations at any place of business operations at all times. 

Customer Support

Whenever outsourcing processes that are integral to your company’s operation, you must always make sure that the company you’re outsourcing said processes to features astounding customer support that you can rely on when needed. We only engage payroll outsourcing companies in Singapore that offer a reasonable level of customer support. Top payroll providers, such as Liberte, may even assign dedicated trainers and account managers to create training plans and attend to any ad hoc deployment needs that may arise for your company due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Reputation and Credibility

Of course, you also want to find a HR payroll service provider with an established reputation and a strong track record. Payroll matters often concern sensitive data and a need for error-free execution. Getting outsourced payroll solutions from a reputable and credible service provider allows you to rest assured that your company’s data is safe and secure, while also allowing you peace of mind with regards to their ability to deal with any payroll issues that may surface. 

Engage Liberte for the Best Outsourced Payroll Solutions

Liberte is an award-winning HR company with a wide range of outsourced payroll solutions. With accolades such as Best HR Outsourcing Partner and Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner at the HR Vendors of the Year 2021 awards, you can rest assured that our payroll services are the best you can find in Singapore. 

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