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November 9, 2023

In this fast-paced society, more businesses are recognizing the importance of leveraging the expertise of an HR service provider to achieve higher productivity and efficiency. Outsourcing to a Singapore HR consultancy firm not only takes away time-consuming tasks such as managing the HR job evaluation framework, HR compensation and benefits and HR work pass administration, it also allows companies to channel more resources to driving critical aspects of their business.  In this article, we’ll explore the top qualities of HR service providers and how they can help businesses thrive. 

1. Use Of Technology In HR Management

74% of HR leaders recognized the need to leverage technology to tackle human capital challenges and derive business success.  This is why many Singapore HR consultancy firms that offer HR management and HR outsourcing services in Singapore are deploying advanced technology to derive more productivity at the workplace.  Especially with the arrival of COVID-19 pandemic that is causing manpower disruptions and unprecedented changes at workplaces, HR’s ability to drive strategic workforce transformation with technology has also been paramount for the success of any company that desires business continuity.

According to Workforce Singapore, technology trends that are reshaping HR transformation comprise Intelligent Automation which allows large-scale processing of routine tasks, Mobile Applications for employee engagement initiatives and Data Analytics to tackle the increasing amount of data due to the deployment of technology-enabled platforms.

2. Effective Conflict Management

HR management is about managing people and conflicts.  Whether this is handling misconducts in the workplace or mitigating differences between managers and their subordinates, the role of an HR service provider is to nurture and present a more balanced view of a given problem. Through their expert conflict management abilities, HR consultants can effectively deal with diverse groups of individuals, empathize with them and recommend informed decisions that resolve tricky human challenges so that the business can quickly return to function at optimum level.

Even though some may think that HR outsourcing in Singapore may create a greater gap between employees and companies, this can’t be further from the truth.  Outsourced HR consultants are often more accessible to employees and more likely to offer fair solutions that are not tainted by inter-department or personal relationships.

3. Strong Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are essential for any HR service provider that is handling a people-facing role.  Truth be told that any Singapore HR outsourcing service goes beyond handling HR work pass administration or assessing HR job evaluation framework.  They operate as the representatives of top management to connect with employees, interview candidates and facilitate internal communications across the entire organization.  Essentially, HR consultant’s good communication skills are vital for hiring capable employees, building trust between employees and top management, and creating a safe space for employees to speak up for themselves. 

4. Organised Payroll Management

HR management oversees HR compensation and benefits planning which means it naturally takes on the role of payroll management.  Because payroll is such a sensitive topic, HR service providers often deploy highly secured HR management systems to integrate cross-functional collaborations that reduce human errors.  A great example is Liberte’s payroll automation platform which is designed to ensure employees get paid on time with minimum human intervention.  It not only saves manpower, time and costs for businesses but also lowers compliance risk. 

Importantly, outsourcing payroll management is especially beneficial for smaller companies because it takes away the burden of tedious monthly processing and lets the management concentrate on achieving business targets.  

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