What to Look for When Choosing a HR Payroll Service Provider

Top payroll outsourcing companies in Singapore can help optimise cost-savings in your company by processing your employee payrolls, filing payroll taxes, and generating payroll tax statements for an affordable fee.  In our previous piece, we discussed the advantages of payroll outsourcing vs managing payroll in-house in Singapore. However, many may find themselves a little lost as to […]

HR Solutions: 5 Key Reasons to Outsource HR Services

The competitive business landscape is always demanding companies to achieve higher growth with fewer resources and a lesser budget. Especially in support functions such as Human Resources, extending large expenses to maintain a team and HR technologies to handle payroll management may often be frowned upon. Consequently, many small to mid-sized businesses are turning to […]

HR Outsourcing: Why Is It A Growing Trend?

A growing number of organisations are outsourcing their HR services and tapping into the expertise of third party HR consultancies. This rising trend can be attributed to the need for companies to adequately meet their HR business needs. The growth in outsourcing HR services is fuelled by the need to implement impactful HR strategies and […]

A Guide to Error-free Payroll Management

Dispersing salaries to employees counts as one of the most important tasks in every human resource department. A smooth-running payroll process is like a lifeline that keeps the entire workforce satisfied and motivated, but one that is plagued with errors and delays can cause corporate morale to plummet in an instant. While HR managers are […]